L10K creates and publishes a range of documents about its work. Most resources are available as free downloads. You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view the PDF files on your computer.

Publications - Review policy briefs, reports, and surveys from the L10K project. Newsletters share regular updates about L10K program activities. Policy Briefs are concise, policy-relevant documents. These briefs are written for policymakers and present lessons learned and best practices from the L10K project in non-technical language. Reports present program findings in a mix of technical and non-technical language, including both quantitative and qualitative results. Surveys include documentation of L10K community surveys, including questionnaires and in-depth discussion of surveys results.

Guidelines & Tools - Explore the resources used in the training and monitoring of community health workers.

Posters & Presentations - Read and view academic posters, and PowerPoint presentations which draw on the findings of the L10K project.

Links - Get connected to The Gates Foundation, JSI, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, and partner organizations through our 'Links' page.