L10K Grantees

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L10K partnered with 12 local civil society organizations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to build their capacity to oversee the implementation of community-based strategies at the grassroots level in L10K's geographic implementation areas. These organizations provided support to health extensions workers through organizing training, supportive supervision and review meetings. Through these partnerships, L10K's interventions reached over 13 million people with quality maternal and child health care.



L10K Project Grantees




Amhara Development Association





Ethiopian Kale Hiwot Church Central Office

Silte Development Association

Keffa Development Association

Sheka Peoples' Development Association

Bench Maji Development Association

Southern Region's Women Association




Fayyaa Integrated Development Association (FIDA)

Illu Women and Children Integrated Development

Oromia Development Association



Relief Society of Tigray (REST)

Women's Association of Tigray


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